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Creating a La Vie Est Belle bracelet


Om is forever close to a yogini’s heart

Adding my first Charm

The beginning of a great love affair

After a recent health scare and many painful dental and medical procedures in the last month, I decided to get myself a Pandora bracelet to remind myself that everyday is a blessing. Life is for living. To be alive is a celebration.

Youth Dew – a yogi perfume

I am so in love with this perfume….

Its a yogi perfume, incense, spices and mersmerising….

I apply just a little of this for yoga and meditation….

A little like 1 tiny spritz and the whole atmosphere took on a revered feel…..

If there is only 1 perfume I would take with me on a spiritual retreat, it would be this one….

Not to wear out, but to immerse in its scent when doing mantra or yoga….

Its one I will stock up….


As it is written, Alien spreads an aura, it captivates your senses….

Now and then, I get that haunting whiff of dusk jasmine from LouLou, another beloved of mine.

I have to be in the right moods and place for Alien…….Alien is demanding, it takes no prisoners….

Shalimar (Guerlain)

Shalimar, What can I say about you, my oriental Legend. You are so beautiful in that smoky, sultry, aloof seductive way. You dont care much for sweet charms and words. You are unique, strong yet subtle.