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Marichyasana F

Everyday I get on the mat with willpower, it’s been some 18 years since I commenced a daily practice and it’s still a lot of mental and body resistance. Yet my life would be in nowhere land by now if I have not stayed on the mat.

When I was younger, it stopped me going out late or drinking or eating bad food or hanging around wrong company as I knew the next day, practice would be a bad show.

It kept me straight then.

I start slow and see what shows up…it’s just one pose at a time. I no longer sequence like I once did. But I have an allocated time, an allocated space and as split routine of standing poses, floor poses or backbends after a series of daily asanas which are like my morning cup of chai.

When I’m ill, or very low in energy, I would do Restorative or Yin with long holds. There are 8 limbs of yoga, the first 2 are a matter of lifestyle, then there are the rest one can practice even if one’s body can’t move much. And having an Iyengar yoga background is that there’s never a time when you can’t be in an asana even when you can’t move because he created so many props and poses as best friends in need.


Creating a La Vie Est Belle bracelet

Om is forever close to a yogini’s heart

Adding my first Charm

The beginning of a great love affair

After a recent health scare and many painful dental and medical procedures in the last month, I decided to get myself a Pandora bracelet to remind myself that everyday is a blessing. Life is for living. To be alive is a celebration.

Youth Dew – a yogi perfume

I am so in love with this perfume….

Its a yogi perfume, incense, spices and mersmerising….

I apply just a little of this for yoga and meditation….

A little like 1 tiny spritz and the whole atmosphere took on a revered feel…..

If there is only 1 perfume I would take with me on a spiritual retreat, it would be this one….

Not to wear out, but to immerse in its scent when doing mantra or yoga….

Its one I will stock up….


As it is written, Alien spreads an aura, it captivates your senses….

Now and then, I get that haunting whiff of dusk jasmine from LouLou, another beloved of mine.

I have to be in the right moods and place for Alien…….Alien is demanding, it takes no prisoners….