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Beautiful (Estee Lauder)

March 18, 2017

I love Loud perfumes, all the heavies from the 80s I adore, Poison, Opium, Hypnotic Poison, Obsession, Paris, Lou Lou, Coco Chanel….Life was BIG in the late 80s and 90s for me, as I came of age and partied well into the late 90s…

Perfumes was my veil, each one casts a different aspect of my personality

I had Beautiful then too, but I swapped for Opium with a friend…

Back then, it was too gentle and romantic for me…I preferred walking on the edge of the wild side with Obsession and Poison…..

But now, Beautiful is just glorious on my skin….its soapy but not screechy, its BIG floral….and long lasting….I use all but 1 big spritz and I am transported from my mundane, drag surroundings to a world of promises…

Thats the beauty of a scent.

No matter how bad a hair day I may have, or how dreary the work environment gets, I find such comfort in these little treasures….

I used to eat my pain away…now when the world gets dreary, a spritz of my selection of perfumes brightens me….I dont have to wear my food anymore….I just wear my scent instead….

For those who dismayed that the fav scents no longer smells the same on them, remember our diet and health affects our natural skin scent. Also, I find if I am overloaded with noise, visual distractions, etc etc, anything which overloads my senses, my ability to smell diminishes….

Then I know its time for a body or senses detox.

On a quiet Sunday lounging at home with a book, I can sniff a light spritz all day long, yet when I work in a noisy, loud, lots of going on environment, I would need at least 5 plus a re-spray after lunch……everyone else was senses overload, so no one complained……..


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